Urban Living Feb/Mar 07

Fans and Supporters...

"The Shelley Roxanne Show is a Gem of Radio. Shelley's positive attitude and personal dynamism allows for difficult subjects such race and religion to be discussed in way to get the most honest answers and provide a very entertaining and informative show."
Steve Silbiger - Author, The Jewish Phenomenon (Longstreet Press),
The Ten-Day MBA (Harper Collins), Retire Early? Make the Smart Choices
(Harper Collins)

Shelley is one of those rare people who brings her audience along with her, laughing, thinking, probing the issues we all face but don't allow enough time to critically think about. You realize quickly she's one of us, whoever you are. She has the ability to help you think while she is making you smile.
Louis T. – Nyack, NY

Shelley talks to me and not through me. Here was someone that I thought has it all and still takes the time to teach and show me the light. Many people before have taken me to the tunnel but Shelley was the first to give me the flashlight and blueprint that helped guide me through the long journey. Through Shelley I no longer feel afraid to share my dreams and goals... Shelley is truly my PHENOMENAL WOMAN and really believes and cares for those fortunate to cross her path.
Alain B. – Spring Valley, NY

Shelley is my angel, well rather, everyone’s angel….period.
Steve M - Connecticut

"Lately things in my life haven't been so great both personally and professionally. Luckily, for me, eagerly awaiting Wednesdays at 11:30am, Shelley Roxanne's show has been an uplifting experience during this time. She has helped to inspire me to maintain a more "optimistic" attitude and remain positive even through the bleakest of times. As a result, I have a newfound determination to take more control over the direction of the rest of my life. For that, I am eternally grateful."
Melvin, Haverstraw, NY

Dreams Do Come True.....if you know Shelley!!!!
— Kristen E. – New York, NY

My wife and I were more than $100,000 in debt and facing foreclosure on our home. Then we worked with Shelley Roxanne, and as a result, we are now debt free and moving toward purchasing our new dream house. We had no idea how to get off the scary-go-round we were stuck on. We were afraid to open our mail and terrified of answering the phone. Then Shelley stepped in and did her thing. She inspired us to change our thinking and take immediate action. Under Shelley's guidance and direction, I was compelled to leave my job, follow my true calling and even start my own business. I am now able to commit to full time ministries, but most importantly, my family is now able to spend much more precious time together. Remarkably all of this has taken place within just seven months of meeting the awesome Shelley Roxanne. She has truly been a blessing to my family!!
Vinnie H. – Spring Valley, NY
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