Announcing OLAB Foundation, LLC

Action packed adventures include: Professional Golf Lessons from a Golf Pro, Culinary Classes from an Executive Chef, Sailing Lessons from Professional Sailors as well as Improv/Comedic Acting, Fire Fighting, Photograpy and a very special trip to NYC, lunch at a 5 Star Restaurant and an Award Winning Broadway Play. Throughout the week, we may even have Celebrity Guests pop by and say hello and offer advice and counsel to the boys. This will be an unforgettable week and one in which they will surely make lifelong friends with a great group of young leaders.

Optimistic Leadership Academy for Boys

What is OLAB? An initiative founded by Shelley Roxanne to support the care and development of young men.  The Academy founded in 2007 holds Sessions for boys ages 6-12 from every socio-economic level and ethnicity, all for the purpose of inspiring tommorrow's leaders - today.  

This is a boy focused program for boys at all socio-economic levels who can benefit in learning from real men about the qualities of manhood.  We strongly believe that you can learn in various different environments through real life experiences.  This Academy is nothing like traditional Day Camp or even traditional school.  It is in a positive, loving, home-like environment where it is more condusive to learning and growing. 

What began as a summer session in 2007 has grown to an after-school Academy with activities not offered in any other school or academy.  At OLAB we are inspiring excellence in the next Tiger Woods, Emeril Lagasse, Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Tom Hanks and Martin Luther King, Jr.  


Why boys only?

Research is proving there is a crisis in our society that’s been developing for years.  This crisis has captured the attention of everyone from the parent in the playground to the teacher in your neighborhood classroom to First Lady Laura Bush in the White House.  Too many of our boys and young men are falling behind in school and in life.  They are under motivated and underperforming across the board.  Boys receive majority of the D’s and F’s given to all students, and they create 90% of classroom discipline problems.  This startling trend is not only bad for boys but also for parents, communities, and humanity’s future in general.


By every benchmark, boys across the nation and in every demographic group are falling behind.  In elementary school, boys are two more times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with learning disabilities and twice as likely to be placed in special education classes.


The Optimistic Leadership Academy for Boys was created to help address these issues head on.  “We are seeking optimistic solutions to this very complex problem” says the Founder.  As a mother of three sons, our founder, Shelley Roxanne, recognized the challenges as well as the opportunities to taking on this important mission.  Her vision for the Academy is to help the boy find the hero within himself and to inspire the excellence in him.  We have created a boy-friendly learning environment in which a boy can best “create his own mind.”  At OLAB we will give our boys the understanding that their lives are comprised of their choices and we are sure with the right tools…they will choose to succeed.



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